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Culligan Portable Exchange Service

Experience the benefits of soft water in your home, at a low cost, through our hassle-free Portable Exchange Service. Culligan will install a water softener system that will meet your water treatment needs and you'll get regular tank replacement and maintenance on your home water softener at no extra cost. Keep your kitchen cleaner, bath shinier, get brighter, softer laundry and improve the texture of your hair and skin. The Culligan Portable Exchange Service is available exclusively from your Culligan dealer.
PE Delivery
Environmentally Friendly
With no salt discharge to your septic or sewer system, Culligan's Portable Exchange Service is the most environmentaly friendly way to soften your water.
The Perfect Solution
For some in California, Culligan Portable Exchange Service is now the only way to enjoy soft water. To reduce water pollution, some communities have instituted bans on the installation of automatic water softeners. In those cities, Culligan Portable Exchange Service represents an approved alternate water conditioning method.
No equipment to buy or maintain, no heavy salt bags to lug around.
How It Works
Your Culligan Man will work with you to determine your individual water needs. Based on those needs Culligan will install a water softener system at your home or office and set up a regular delivery schedule. On your predetermined delivery day Culligan will exchange your expended tank for a new one insuring continous clean soft water to your home or office. There is nothing for you to do but enjoy the comfort that comes from knowing you have clean soft water provided by your local Culligan Man.

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